Our proposition

Making a world of difference

We are Crowd, an award-winning, global creative and performance media agency.

Formed in 2012, Crowd has offices worldwide, servicing the most important business hubs globally. Crowd works with some of the world’s most innovative and forward-thinking governments, independent businesses and multinational enterprises.

Creating brand experiences, we combine the disciplines of data science, technological innovation and real-world marketing expertise, delivering intelligent marketing campaigns that cut through the digital noise and precision-activate our client’s user groups and commercial audiences.

Our global team of specialists collaborate to develop and deliver practical, budget aligned marketing solutions. We address business and promotional challenges, offering joined-up creative thinking and cutting-edge campaigns that positively transform business commercials and brand engagement.

We specialise in digital marketing, encompassing everything from website builds and branding, to social content and advertising. We have several boutique studio locations which share resources and expertise around the globe helping brands grow their audiences wherever they are.

These guidelines will provide information and inspiration so we can best represent ourselves.

Our megaphone

The megaphone is our secondary logo, a form of visual shorthand,  it has obvious use for profile images and avatars, the glyph can be used throughout a piece of communication as long as the full logo appears at least once.

The megaphone is taken directly from the core logo and should be given the same considerations such as colourways and clear space.

Logo Usage

To keep our logo looking crisp, here are a few simple rules for it’s use

  • Do

    Always use the full colour logo on a white background, Use the Crowd logo in white over coloured backgrounds


    Never alter the colours of the Crowd logo

  • Do

    Always leave enough clear space around the logo


    Never distort or rotate the Crowd logo in any way

  • Do

    Always use the Crowd logo in white over non competitive backgrounds


    Never use our logo on a background that would harm the clarity

  • Do

    Always use the logo in it's entirety so it is all clearly visible


    Never crop or allow a portion of the logo to "bleed" off the page or screen


Our colour palette

Our colour palette reflects our bold personality with clearly contrasting colours

The core palette comprises of our signature Orange and highly legible Black, while our secondary palette gives us dynamic Green and Blue hues for when we need to make a statement.

Core Palette


HEX #fe5c01
RGB 254,92,1
CMYK 0,74,94,0
Pantone Orange 021

Black (100%)

HEX #000000
RGB 0,0,0
CMYK 0,0,0,100
Pantone Black 6C

Black (85% Tint)

HEX #232323
RGB 35,35,35
CMYK 74,64,59,77
Pantone Black 7C

Grey (30% Tint)

HEX #B3b3b3
RGB 179,179,179
CMYK 33,24,25,4
Pantone Cool Grey 5C

Secondary Colours


RGB 237,243,243
CMYK 9,2,5,0
Pantone Pantone 7541C


HEX #ffffff
RGB 255,255,255
CMYK 0,0,0,0

For legibility, contrast and to maintain our brand, our colours are intended to only be used in the combinations shown below.


Our typefaces

The typefaces we use reflect our bold personality and clear communicative approach

We selected them on the basis that they are highly legible, balanced, complement each other and render effectively over all platforms and media.


We use Gotham as our main typeface – It’s clean and crisp, versatile, honest and easy on the eye – just like us. We mainly use the four weights shown above.

We allow Gotham room to breathe, a decent amount of tracking and leading makes our text legible, easy on the eye and aids comprehension. It also helps create a sense of balance and harmony in our designs.


Sentinel is a great complement to our main typeface. This contrasting serif has lots of personality, creativity and movement, so makes for a great statement font. With great power comes great responsibility, so be sure to use this typeface sparingly.


It’s not ideal, but sometimes we have to produce material on platforms that don’t support our preferred typefaces. Platforms such as Microsoft Office and Google Suite are quite restrictive with font use and embedding but we still need to look as good as we can.

In this case we use Montserrat (Body copy) and Trocchi (Headings), which is available by default on almost all platforms and operating systems.

These options should be considered ONLY where our preferred fonts are not practicable.


We use a variety of icons to indicate our service offering as well as for signposting and interface elements. Our icons are low complexity but still stylish. Designed according to a proportional circular grid and using a rounded, single-width line, our icons appear consistent, balanced and well-proportioned.


We use photography from many varied sources but we are selective in our choices and so that all our photographic imagery appears consistent. We avoid clichéd ‘stock’ photography in favour of authentic scenes, alternative or interesting perspectives, and captured moments.


Tone of Voice

We are proudly global and independent and the language we use should reflect this

When we talk and write we focus on the benefit to our clients, the results we achieve and our global culture. When we do talk about ourselves, we use inclusive language  – ‘We’, ‘Us’ , ‘The Team’ – Aim to keep things as simple and straight forward as possible, and avoid unnecessary jargon or slang.

We are bold, positive, and clear, and we aim to make a world of difference.

Crowd should always be called 'Crowd'

Even though our URL is ‘thisiscrowd.com’, when we talk or write about the company we are always ‘Crowd’ – never ‘This is Crowd’, ‘Crowd Ltd.’ or even ‘This is Crowd Ltd.’



We’ve developed an elevator pitch, a short statement which we can use to put across who we are and what we do, which can help when we talk or write about Crowd.

We are Crowd, an award-winning, global creative and performance media agency. We offer joined-up creative thinking and deliver cutting-edge campaigns that transform business commercials and brand engagement.

We specialise in everything from website builds and branding, to social content and advertising, providing clients with local knowledge and global reach.

Each office employs up to 15 people to create a dynamic creative environment.

Our teams can also share resources with our offices around the world giving us the capacity of 100+ staff.

Our Values

We are a global collective of talented people working together towards common goals. To reflect and support our aims, we’ve established a set of values to guide us:

Be passionate about quality – Create award winning work

Take responsibility – Be accountable for our work

Cooperate and collaborate – Communication is key

Respect each other – We are a global team

Work towards your personal goals everyday

Represent – Be a Crowd ambassador

Challenge yourself and your team – Get outside of your comfort zone and learn

Work smart – Help yourself and others to be productive

Be commercially mindedEveryone benefits when we hit our commercial goals

Be positive and contribute – We all have valuable ideas, experiences and expertise

…and have fun! 🙂


The Brand in Use


Download our Brand Assets

You can download our approved brand assets in various formats below.

These can be used in conjunction with the guidance given to produce branded materials and communications for Crowd.

If you have any questions or additional requirements, please contact lee@thisiscrowd.com